I am passionate about each manuscript that I work on and provide excellence in every edit that I undertake. I offer outstanding client communication, a close collaboration throughout your edit and a very personal service.

How I work with writers to provide an excellent edit:

Your writing is unique and I offer each writer a free quote for your manuscript.

After your initial free quote I provide:

  • Firstly, an on-screen edit. This also creates a style sheet for your writing.
  • Secondly, a hard copy proofread is done, an essential step.
  • Lastly, final on-screen corrections are made following the proofread.
  • The end result – an excellent edit.

Throughout the process of editing, I provide ongoing updates and consultation to address queries as they arise.

I am highly motivated and give each writer I work with a very personal commitment. I focus solely on one edit at a time to ensure excellent editing. I provide you, the writer, with an exclusive, highly personal service.

Editing subject fields:

  • Adult fiction, particularly popular genres – crime, fantasy, thrillers and romance.
  • Young adult fiction and children’s literature, including picture books.
  • Memoirs, autobiography and biography, including travel.
  • Short stories and non-fiction, including self-help books.
  • Copy editing and proofreading.

As a widely experienced freelance editor, with a well established reputation for excellence, I have edited a diverse range of novels, memoirs, autobiographies, children’s books and non-fiction, including for published writers.

I look forward to working with you.

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