Hi from Susan – I am highly adept and skilled at editing and proofreading, with many years of experience across varied genres.

As a widely experienced freelance editor, with a well established reputation for excellence, I have edited a diverse range of novels, memoirs, autobiographies, children’s books and non-fiction, including for published writers such as:



Bachelor of Education and Literature – Canberra University, 1981

Professional Editing – NSW Writers’ Centre, 2006

NSW Quality Teaching Award – 2004

My career as an English teacher, award-winning teacher librarian and published writer, has contributed significantly to my skills in editing and proofreading.


Our House is Not in Paris. Melbourne Books, 2014

Our House is Certainly Not in Paris. Melbourne Books, 2015

Our House is Definitely Not in Paris. Melbourne Books, 2016


‘I cried with happiness when I received my edited manuscript. I was absolutely thrilled with the quality of Susan’s edit and I would love to work with her again.’

Mary Kelly – Picking Daisies

A superb eye for detail. Susan’s edit polished my novel beyond what I hoped for.’

Thomas Miller – Run Now

‘I was impressed with the way Susan communicated with me constantly throughout her edit. She was meticulous about bringing to my attention facets of my book that required further attention or elaboration. She worked with me closely on these areas and the end result exceeded my expectations. Excellent editing indeed.’

Sally Clark – Life as an Orphan

‘Susan’s edit was highly professional in every possible way. She is reliable, highly competent and has a trained eye for detail that provided both quality and consistency throughout. ’

Belle Manning – The Clouds Above

‘Susan was exceptionally professional and lived up to her claim of excellent editing. Her edit went far beyond what I had possibly hoped for. I would highly recommend her services.’

Robert Bloom – The State of Dreams

‘I would definitely choose to work with Susan again. She made excellent editing suggestions that improved the quality of my novel. I appreciated the way she communicated so closely with me throughout her edit.’

Arthur Hughes – Sky and Pie

‘I especially appreciated Susan’s friendly, personal approach. She made me feel like a highly valued client and lived up to her reputation for excellent editing. I liked how she communicated with me constantly throughout the process. I would definitely work with Susan again.’

Rosamund Norton – Soon There Will Be Snow